With our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, we are able to produce high performance zero defect products, that can satisfy most customer requirements. Our manufacturing is highly sophisticated and advanced in compliance with international industry standards.

  • Foundry
  • Workshop
  • Metallurgical & Chemical Laboratory
  • Quality Control Center
  • Packaging Unit

Foundry Shop: 8704 sq. ft.

Induction Furnace: Medium Frequency 550 KW Dual-track with two crucibles and 750 KW Tri-track with three crucibles

Raw Material Store House: 1550 sq. ft.

Melting Capacity: 800 tons/month

Centrifugal Casting Machines: There are 16 two-station water cooling centrifugal casting machines along with sophisticated stress relieving furnace in the foundry shop to achieve the highest order of “A type graphite” pearlite structures that are symmetrical on the inner and outer diameters in terms of uniformity and hardness.

The company has in-house machining facility at its sprawling 13,494 sq. ft. workshop which includes

  • CNC VTL Machines
  • CNC Boring Machines
  • CNC Turning Machines
  • Hydraulic Automatic Honing Machines
  • CNC Plateau Honing Machine
  • Center Less Grinders

All these ensure excellent in-process and post-process controls, while maintaining high quality standards.

Fully equipped Wet Lab: For carrying out chemical analysis like carbon, silicon, manganese, chrome, sulphur, phosphorous etc. of the raw materials.

Carbon Silicon Analyser: For Automatic Thermal Analysis & Temperature Measurement of Molten Iron. It also enables in determination of Carbon and Silicon of unalloyed cast iron.

3 Channel SPECTROMAXx for testing 32 elements

Metallurgical Microscope: Linked to a computer installed with image sensor software. Based on the specifications of the clients, chemical and metal composition and other metallurgical tests are carried out to ensure good quality of casting.

Hardness Testing Machine

Every single liner in our company is inspected at every stage of machining, right from proof casts to final product, using online quality assurance systems along with offline inspection techniques to ensure quality in process and product development.

  • Contour Graph Machine to check the correctness of profiles in the liner
  • Mitutoyo make measuring devices with graphical printer to test the surface finish
  • Roundness tester to check Cylindricity, Circularity & Squareness
  • Renishaw Equator to check critical dimensions of liner

Besides this, statistic process control techniques are also adopted to test for critical parameters.

Our highly trained staff uses the most advanced measuring equipment and instrumentation both during and after production to assure accuracy and production dependability. By eliminating production discrepancies, we save valuable time and resources. This translates to just-in-time delivery and lower costs.

We have large storage area of 2,850 sq. ft. for finished goods, equipped with lifting and shifting systems to take care of all aspects of packaging and handling containers.

Cleaning Machine to clean liners before packaging

Finished liners are duly oiled with VCI oils, placed in VCI bags and packed in corrugated containers as per client specifications.