Cylinder Liners & Sleeves

The products manufactured by Metallic Auto Liners are grouped into Cylinder Liners & Sleeves. Both these products have different applications depending upon the engine design. Metallic Auto Liners manufactures more than 250 models of Wet & Dry Cylinder Liners & Sleeves with wall thicknesses of 1mm to 15mm and with lengths from 125mm to 370mm.

Metallic Auto Liners has a full-fledged set-up to supply casting liners. We produce large quantities of semi-finished as well as finished cylinder liners to cater to the needs of various users in local and export markets. Additionally, customized liners and sleeves are manufactured in compliance with the clients’ requirement.

Product Specifications

Dimension Range (in mm)
Bore Diameter 50 to 150
Total Length 125 to 370

Technical Specifications

Material specification standards
India HT200, HT250, HT300
USA NO.30, NO.35, NO.45
Europe GG20, GG25, GG30
Japan FC200, FC250, FC300

Micro Structure

Graphite type: "A" & "B" ("D" & "E" Random)
Flake Size: 4-6 Microns
Free Ferrite: Less Than 5%
Matrix: Lamellar Pearlite

Production Capacity

100000 pieces per month


Semi-finished & Fully-finished

Chemical Composition Minimum Maximum
Carbon 2.80 3.50
Silicon 1.80 2.50
Manganese 0.6 1.00
Phosphorus 0.20 0.50
Sulphur 0.00 0.12

Other than above, we can cast material compositions using Chromium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Copper, Boron or as per customer specifications meeting to international standards.

Hardness (BHN) 210 to 280
Tensile 210 to 275 n/mm2

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